Fri May 31, 2019



Mon Jun 3-Tue Jun 4, 2019



Wed Jun 5-Thu Jun 6, 2019


Introduction Seminar

If you are interested in developing a balanced body and mind; if you desire to transform your negative/restless emotions into positive energy accompanied by a sense of quiet peace; or, if you wish to harness and control your sexual desire and power in order to cultivate a vibrant and radiant energy flow, then this seminar is for you. Take this opportunity to explore what the world-renowned master can offer you through guided meditation practices. Allow him to introduce you to the Taoist meditation that will profoundly transform your mind and body by following a balanced regimen of psychological and physiological exercises. These truths are what you will discover within yourself while attending the three workshops with the master.

Awakening the Healing Light of the Tao, Back to the Body's Wisdom

In this workshop, Master Chia will teach fundamental practices of Taoist meditation. He will guide you through each step and help you activate the internal flow of your life energy, opening up your microcosmic orbit (this inner energy flow radiates and generates healing power inside your body). Afterward, he will lead you back to your body's wisdom which is activated and developed by Inner Smile -- smiling to your organs in the creating cycle. This natural wisdom will make your organs healthy and strong while growing your soul spirit. In addition, he will teach the Six Healing Sounds, which is the emotional wisdom that gives you control of your emotions which would otherwise be difficult to manage.

Loving Energy that Heals

Mantak Chia has been famous for teaching Healing Love for decades since the 1970s. Take this opportunity to learn these practices that were once mysterious from the legendary master, face-to-face. Love-making or sexual desire and behavior generates tremendous life energy, which ordinary people have no way to control. He will teach you how to manage your sexual power and transform it into incredible healing energy that flows through your body and opens up your sensory nerves and Qi channels. In this workshop, he will guide you through the process of balancing Yin and Yang, ranging from connecting the sexual power with universal human love to harnessing sexual energy from both male and female.

Fusion of Five Elements & Brain Wisdom

After more than four days of practice with Master Chia, your energy centers will be vibrating, and your energy channels will be much more open. Now, will be the perfect time for advanced meditation, where you will fuse all types of energy, both inside and out of your body, and use them to activate your brain. Fusion of Five Elements is one of the best Taoist practices that balance all essential energies in your body, dissolving both psychological conflicts and physiological imbalance. It brings all types of internal energy into harmonious focus and prepares for advanced Qi cultivation and transformation. Also, he will teach you to use this balanced power to awaken the wisdom of your brain, which is the result of seemingly intuitive brain activities, not normally the outcome of conventional brain thinking.

Hosted by Sahin Boydas and Lewis Young